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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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May 8
1946 Having played a major role in organizing the President Harry Truman's 3-day Highway Safety Conference in Washington, DC, PRA takes an active part in its proceedings. Other participants include Federal, State, and local officials, civic leaders, highway transportation and traffic technicians, and leaders of national organizations. PRA supplies a considerable portion of the conference staff and helps in the preparation and assembly of reports to the conference.
1969 Secretary of Transportation John Volpe administers the oath of office to Ralph R. Bartelsmeyer as Director of Public Roads. He would prove to be the last Director of Public Roads--the position is abolished in August 1970. (See January 25, 1974.)
Secretary John A. Volpe administers the oath of office to Director of Public Roads Ralph R. Bartelsmeyer, whose wife Marjorie holds the bible.
1970 FHWA announces new evidence that breakaway light poles are saving lives and preventing injuries. On an experimental installation along I-10/12 in Baton Rouge, LA, 16 motorists had smashed into the poles in the past 12 months, without a single fatality.
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