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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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May 16
1910 M. O. Eldridge, OPR's Assistant Chief of Road Management, delivers an address in Ontario, OR, the first of 50 he will make as part of a good roads campaign by the State's Threshers and good roads associations. Eldridge says, "The greatest factors against good roads are the localization of the management of road affairs, the practice of paying road taxes in labor, and the usual lack of supervision of the work." The good roads tour ends on June 11 at Medford after at least one stop in each county.
1990 President George Bush declares a Federal disaster in 22 Arkansas counties because of flooding; requests from Oklahoma and Texas are pending. The State intends to request emergency relief funds for road repairs. Secretary of Transportation Samuel Skinner plans to view the extensive flood damage on May 19. (Eventually, emergency relief funds totalling $1.9 million will be used for repairs in Arkansas.)
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