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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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June 13
1962 Bids are opened in Helena, MT, for a contract to construct a 32.5-mile section of the Lewis and Clark Highway from a junction with U.S. 93 near Missoula to the Idaho line at Lolo Pass. The road joins with a 38.7-mile section scheduled to be opened on August 19 (Governors Tim Babcock of Montana and Robert E. Smylie of Idaho will saw a log blocking the road in a ceremony at Packers Meadow). According to BPR's Ed Cowan, work on the 32.5-mile section includes grading along the existing road, base surfacing, and raising three bridges within 200 days after the contract is awarded. "Particular attention is to be given to the contractors' operations in both States to permit public travel through the construction and assure that inconvenience will be held to a minimum."
1975 On behalf of Administrator Norbert Tiemann, Kentucky Division Engineer Robert Johnson presents the first FHWA Public Service Award to John H. Miller, Director of the Metro Louisville Carpool project.
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