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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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July 3
1906 Under a plan signed today by Secretary of Agriculture James Wilson, a locality desiring a rural mail route can petition OPR for an engineer to examine the road and recommend any needed improvements (the joint plan is approved by the Postmaster General on July 10).
1938 Ceremonies in Berthoud Pass, CO, mark completion of the last paved segment of U.S. 40. BPR's Clyde Learned had largely determined the location and was involved throughout construction, prompting journalist H. B. Rose to say, "Learned has built himself in every foot of that superb surface and in every yard of the structure."
Hairpin Turn on the Victory Highway near Berthoud Pass, Co.
Hairpin Turn on the Victory Highway near Berthoud Pass, Co. The original caption: "It's a nice place for the motorist to keep his eyes on the road and a firm hand on the steering wheel.
1958 BPR establishes a Division Office in Beirut, Lebanon, to provide technical assistance in developing the highway program of that country. Little could be accomplished during the first 6 months due to an armed rebellion and period of instability.
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