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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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July 5
1892 Senator Charles B. Manderson of Nebraska introduces General Roy Stone's proposal for a National Highway Commission. (See July 17, 1892.) Representative Philip S. Post of Illinois had introduced the same measure in the House on June 29. The measure passed the Senate July 27, but failed in the House.
1959 Three BPR engineers (H. A. Radzikowski, R. S. Anderson, and S. E. Farin) complete a study tour, begun June 15, of highways in Poland. They found that good use is made of local materials while good laboratory facilities and practices were observed and highway maintenance was well performed. On the other hand, highway surfaces are not always smooth, city bypasses are congested, trees are sometimes planted on shoulders, and mechanization of highway work is limited.
BPR officials on tour of Poland: H. A. Radzikowski (third from left), S. E. Farin (looking down) and R. S. Anderson (right). Photo and the following caption were taken from their 1959 report: "Another view of American and Polish engi- neers inspecting highway testing laboratory. Note the feminine touch with cur- tains on the windows. Flowers were also seen on desks. There is a trend to employ more girl technicians in the laboratories. We were told by the Polish engineers that their experience is that girls are more thorough in this type of repetitive and detail tests."
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