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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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July 16
1913 H. W. Hendley transfers to OPR from the Smithsonian Institution to help with photographic and model work. During the year, 70 models illustrating types of road construction are restored and 30 new road models, 3 culvert models, 1 drainage model, 1 bridge model, 1 model showing construction features in the Alps, and 1 large relief model of the Yosemite Valley of the Yosemite National Park are constructed.
1963 Ohio Division Engineer W. E. Reed and Area Engineer S. J. Kimlicko participate in the opening of the "Euclid Spur," an 8.2-mile section of I-90 east of Cleveland. The opening makes possible a drive from Cleveland to New York City, via the New York Thruway, entirely on expressway.
1974 1974 In an interview with the Atlanta Constitution, Administrator Norbert Tiemann predicts that, "At the current level of funding, which is $2.5 billion per year, and with the 10 percent inflation rate, it will be 2007 before we'll finish the interstate highway system."
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