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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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July 18
1934 BPR issues special provisions for construction of highways and related projects under sections of the National Industrial Recovery Act and the Hayden-Cartwright Act (June 18, 1934). The provisions cover such areas as employment lists; subletting; wages, hours of employment, and conditions of employment; and hand labor methods. In addition, all manufactured and unmanufactured articles, materials, and supplies must come from the United States, except that with respect to asphaltic materials, "it is impracticable to apply the above requirements."
1962 Administrator Rex Whitton sends a message to all BPR employees on "Will it Promote Economic Growth?" He notes that Secretary of Commerce Luther Hodges has called promotion of economic growth the Commerce Department's most important single problem.
"I urge each of you to identify yourself with the objective of increasing our economic growth, to understand how your work contributes toward this goal, and to strive constantly to seek ways and means of improving productivity in your own niche, in all areas where you have responsibility, and wherever else you see the opportunity."
Rex Whitton
Federal Highway Administrator
July 18, 1962
1973 The Nebraska Department of Roads is the first State to have an approved State Highway Action Plan, meeting a new FHWA requirement designed to describe the procedures the State will use to ensure consideration of environmental values in developing highway projects. Administrator Norbert Tiemann, a former Governor of Nebraska, presents a plaque to Nebraska Director Thomas D. Doyle to mark the occasion.
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