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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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July 21
1916 In the first apportionment under the 1916 Federal Aid Road Act, only $5 million is available for FY 1917. Texas receives the largest amount ($291,927.81) and Delaware the smallest ($8,184.37). Under the legislation, funds increase $5 million each year, up to $25 million for 1921.
1931 BPR instructs the contractor on the first section of Skyline Drive in Virginia to proceed with work. Bids on sections A and B (19.97 miles) from Thornton's Gap to Big Meadows, VA, had been opened on June 25, 1931. Albert Brothers Contractors, Inc., of Salem, VA, was awarded the contract on June 26. Work began on July 22 and was completed on schedule on September 8, 1932.
1932 President Herbert Hoover signs the Emergency Relief and Construction Act appropriating $120 million for advances to States to match Federal-aid funds, with advances to be repaid by deduction from regular apportionment over 10 years (converted to grants by the Hayden-Cartwright Act of 1934).
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