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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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July 23
1913 Representative William Kent of California introduces H.R. 7084, which would allow road publications issued by the States to be mailed as second class matter, with the Secretary of Agriculture deciding which documents will receive the privilege. The act, which was not approved, was intended to make it easier to spread information, but also make it easier for OPR to be a clearinghouse for the country's road building community.
1975 FHWA and the Commerce Department's Office of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) sign a memorandum of understanding on ways to increase participation of minority business enterprises in Federal-aid construction programs. Among other things, FHWA agrees to review the feasibility of setting goals for MBE contracts and subcontracts and assist in identifying capable minority construction contractors, vendors, suppliers, equipment dealers, and service companies.
Administrator Norbert Tiemann (seated, left) and Samuel J. Cornelius, Deputy Director, Office of Minority Business Enterprise, sign memorandum of understanding to increase participation of minority business enterprises in Federal-aid highway projects.
1992 Regional Administrator David Gendell represents FHWA during the signing of a landmark agreement for integrating the NEPA and Section 404 wetlands permit processes. The consensus agreement was also signed by representatives of EPA, the Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Marine Fisheries Service. The revised procedures will merge the two processes at a much earlier time than in the past, with the goal of reducing processing time.
Signing landmark environmental agreement. From left to right: Jon Rittgers, Ronald Lambertson, Edwin Erickson, FHWA Regional Administrator David Gendell, and General Gerald Brown.
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