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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
Table of Contents - July 31 - August 1
Also in July
1911 To illustrate the tremendous impetus that lately has been given to the nationwide movement for improved highways, OPR publishes a map showing 12 proposed highways totalling 15,000 miles of transcontinental, interstate, and truck line roads. The highways, which have been proposed by individuals, associations, and communities, include the Pacific Highway on the West Coast, the Montreal-to-Miami Highway on the East Coast, an Ocean-to-Ocean Highway from Maryland to the State of Washington, as well as shorter routes such as the Du Pont Highway in Delaware and the Lincoln Way in Kentucky.
1960 Reader's Digest publishes an article titled "Our Great Big Highway Bungle," claiming that, "Haste, waste, mismanagement and outright graft are making a multibillion-dollar rathole" of the Interstate Highway Program.
1961 The Office of Research begins publication of Highway Research Newsletter, an internal newsletter to keep BPR employees abreast of interesting and new developments in highway research.
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