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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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August 11
1924 At the Department of Commerce, Chief Thomas MacDonald participates in a meeting of the Committee on Public Relations of the Conference on Street and Highway Safety. Participants outline procedures for helping communities put a safety program into use to reduce highway and street accidents. While methods for reducing accidents may vary, participants agreed that positive results can be obtained only by the cooperation of officials and lay bodies.
1947 Harold Allen, Principal Materials Engineer, and F. H. Jackson, Principal Engineer of Tests, complete a 28-day PRA tour of Germany, during which they inspected concrete pavements on the Autobahn. The study tour resulted from comments by returning visitors, one of whom said, "In all my experience I have never seen concrete highways in better shape after at least 7 years' service." The team finds the concrete in better shape than comparable roads in the United States, partly because of lighter loads and comparatively mild weather.
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