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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
Table of Contents - August 31 - September 1
Also in August
1960 Administrator Bertram Tallamy approves the addition of three Interstate routes in Hawaii under provisions of the Hawaii Omnibus Act.
1963 BPR issues the first Highway Planning Program Manual.
1970 Based on a report titled Benefits of Interstate Highways, Administrator Frank Turner announces that the Interstate System is "shrinking" distances between cities. "A 2,830-mile journey from New York to Los Angeles, which took 79 hours of travel in 1956 when Interstate mileage was negligible, can now be made in 62 hours by using Interstate routes in the same general corridor." He adds that the Interstate System is making educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities more accessible to the American people than ever before.
1993 EPA Administrator Carol Browner and Secretary of Transportation Federico Pea transmit a joint report to Congress titled Clean Air Through Transportation: Challenges in Meeting National Air Quality Standards. The report, required by Section 108(f)(3) of the Clean Air Act, as amended in 1990, discusses the challenges faced in attempting to improve air quality through transportation programs. The report concludes that, "While future success depends on our response to the challenges facing us, significant progress has been made [in] attainment of national ambient air quality standards."
"[The Clean Air Act] together with ISTEA calls for significant changes in the way we go about meeting transportation and air quality goals . . . ISTEA complements the Clean Air Act by giving State and local transportation officials the flexibility to use Federal transportation funds in ways that will help develop a balanced, environmentally sound, intermodal transportation system."
Clean Air Through Transportation:
Challenges in Meeting National Air Quality Standards
Joint USDOT/EPA Report
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