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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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September 3
1925 The seven man United States delegation to the Pan American Congress of Highways at Buenos Aires, Argentina, sails from New York on the Grace Line Steamship Santa Ana. The delegation, headed by Herbert H. Rice of the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce, includes Chief Thomas MacDonald. Because the congress does not start until October 3, the delegates plan to stop in Panama, Peru, and Chile. After returning, MacDonald discusses the trip on November 19 at the 11th Annual Meeting of AASHO, in words that become BPR's guiding policy on international cooperation.
"There is definite responsibility upon this generation for the establishment of international relations of enduring character . . . . The solidarity of the Western Hemisphere and the opportunity for each republic to work out its own destiny under favorable and helpful conditions is the end sought. Without highway improvement of magnificent proportions these conditions are impossible. Mutual sympathy and helpfulness is the spirit of Pan Americanism. It is the finer statesmanship."
Thomas H. MacDonald
Chief, BPR
November 19, 1925
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