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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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September 14
1962 President John F. Kennedy signs the Public Works Acceleration Act, intended to help areas burdened by high rates of unemployment by providing immediate jobs and enhancing economic growth. BPR is responsible to the Area Redevelopment Administration for the Act's $15-million program of highway improvements. (The funds go to 431 miles of forest highways in 28 States and Puerto Rico, 3.4 miles of defense access highway in Michigan, and 12.5 miles of public lands highways in Maine and New Mexico.)
1977 FHWA publishes a notice in the Federal Register seeking comments on revision of standards for information signs within the right-of-way of FAP highways. The proposed rule, published in response to a provision of the 1976 Federal-Aid Highway Act, would provide for signs, displays, and devices that give specific information, such as goods and services available near the highway, in the interest of the traveling public.
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