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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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September 16
1921 While on a 2-week Northeast tour, State Highway Engineer A. R. Hirst of Wisconsin is joined in New York City by Chief Thomas MacDonald and Dr. L. I. Hewes, Chief of BPR's Western Headquarters. They take Riverside Drive through Yonkers to Danville, CT. Over the next week, they travel to Massachusetts, up the Ocean Road to Maine, then west to New Hampshire and Vermont, before turning south to Albany, NY, observing road conditions and meeting with highway officials along the way.
Photo: Laurence I. Hewes
Laurence I. Hewes
Bureau of Public Roads
Western Headquarters
1956 BPR Commissioner Cap Curtiss establishes a Division Office in Juneau, AK. (PRA/BPR formerly had a Division Office in Juneau from 1948-1954.)
1958 BPR's Dan O'Flaherty returns from a 3-month assignment in Istanbul, Turkey, where he helped launch the first home interview type of traffic study in Asia or Europe (Istanbul is part of both).
1987 Administrator Ray A. Barnhart and UMTA Administrator Alfred A. Dellibovi announce revised environmental regulations designed to streamline requirements and related legal procedures for highway and mass transit projects. In a joint statement, the two Administrators say, "Under the new rule, the federal government will be able to eliminate some of the red-tape and time-consuming legal processes that often added years to the construction time of much-needed transportation projects."
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