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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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September 19
1949 Having opened August 23, the United Nations Conference on Road and Motor Transportation in Geneva, Switzerland, concludes with 20 nations, including the United States, signing a "Convention on Road Traffic" that establishes a basis for reciprocal worldwide recognition in such areas as motor vehicle registration, drivers' permits, equipment requirements, and rules for safe driving. H. H. Kelly of the State Department heads the United States delegation, with BPR's H. S. Fairbank as Vice-Chairman.
1963 In anticipation of BPR's 70th anniversary on October 3, President John F. Kennedy extends his heartiest congratulations in a letter to Administrator Rex Whitton: "All Americans can be proud of [its] accomplishments . . . in contributing to safe and comfortable highway travel and in stimulating economic growth and development."
Letter from President John F. Kennedy
"Happy 10th Anniversary"
1991 President George Bush visits a construction site on I-105 (the Glenn Anderson Freeway/Transitway) in Los Angeles, CA, to renew his challenge to Congress to pass the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1991, which became ISTEA. He declares, "We want a bill that works . . . that spends our money effectively and truly addresses national needs."
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