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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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September 22
1909 At AAA's 2nd annual good roads convention in Cleveland, OH, Director Logan Page compares the road situation in the United States with other countries and OPR's Prevost Hubbard discusses bituminous road materials. Road building in the United States, Page says, is "at the same point at which it stood thirty years ago, and the seventeen hundred and odd million dollars [spent] have produced few appreciable results."
1947 In New York City to address AASHO's Annual Meeting, Commissioner Thomas MacDonald speaks on "The Progress of the National Highway Program." Referring to "the inevitable outward trend of urban home location," he says that whatever is done to promote mass transit "and reverse the past trend toward the preferential use of private automobiles will be a contribution of great benefit in the solution of urban traffic problems. Unless this reversal can be accomplished, indeed, the traffic problems of the larger cities may become well nigh insoluble."
"Highway transportation is the common denominator in the over-all transportation field, in that the performance of this service correlates, assists, and implements all other types of movement. It would seem necessary, therefore, that a better understanding and spirit of cooperation among the selected representatives of highway, rail, water, and air transport be encouraged and developed . . . to the end that the public as a whole may be best served and that this nation shall have an efficient transportation system adequate for its commerce and the national defense."
Thomas H. MacDonald
Commissioner of Public Roads, PRA
September 22, 1947
1971 Former Commissioner Cap Curtiss and his wife are honored at a surprise luncheon by former BPR associates. Administrator Frank Turner designates today as "'CAP' CURTISS DAY" in recognition of the former commissioner's leadership, dedicated service, and devotion to highway transportation.
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