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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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September 25
1900 The State Good Roads Convention gets underway at Topeka, KS (through September 28). The goal is to awaken and promote a general interest in improvement of public roads and discuss ways of securing funds for this purpose as well as the best methods of constructing and maintaining good roads. The citizens of Shawnee County had raised funds for 1.5 miles of macadamized road, a section of which is constructed under the supervision of OPRI's E. G. Harrison. He and Director Martin Dodge explain the details of practical and theoretical road building. Two carloads of machinery for this work, on loan from the Port of Huron Engine and Thresher Company, were carried to Topeka by the railroads without cost to OPRI.
1951 District Engineer J. Clarke Williams completes an initial assignment as advisor to the American Ambassador in Liberia under an agreement reached on December 22, 1950, with the Liberian government. During the assignment, which began in June, Williams surveyed the country's transportation problems and laid the groundwork for highway construction work by organizing a survey party instructed in United States methods. Williams will return in January 1952 to begin organizing the country's first national highway organization, called the Division of Highways.
Photo: J. Clarke Williams (left) observes Liberians operating Ozalid reproduction equipment.
J. Clarke Williams (left) observes Liberians operating Ozalid reproduction equipment.
1978 Community Planner Mary Beard and Planning Engineer Don Ashcroft both of the California Division Office are among 142 people who lose their lives in a mid-air collision of the Pacific Southwest Airlines plane they were traveling in and a small craft over San Diego.
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