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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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September 27
1943 Under PRA supervision, construction begins on the Suitland Parkway in Maryland (9.5 miles from the South Capital Street Bridge in Washington, DC, to a junction with MD 4). The parkway, owned by the NPS, is opened on December 9, 1944, providing direct access between the city and what is now Andrews Air Force Base. An NPS history notes that it "is one of the parkways that make up the network of entryways into the capital. It has hosted both triumphal and mournful processions of public officials: from presidents returning from diplomatic achievements to the funeral procession of President John F. Kennedy."
Photo: The Suitland Parkway near Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.
The Suitland Parkway near Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.
1961 Headquarters employees and their families attend the first in a series of briefings on nuclear attack survival. Assistant Commissioner for Operations Paul F. Royster opens the briefing by describing the critical international situation and emphasizing the need for BPR employees to be informed on how to increase their chances of survival in a nuclear attack. Survival Officer Thomas P. Priolo introduces two films, "Operation Ivy" and "Operation Q," that show the effects of a nuclear explosion.
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