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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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September 29
1913 At the Third American Road Congress, Detroit, MI, in addition to a speech by Director Logan Page on good roads and bonded indebtedness, OPR displays two exhibits--one featuring miniature models showing the development of road construction from early Roman roads to the highest type of road today. A second one shows types of road construction now being done.
"A mighty wave of sentiment for better roads is sweeping over the country, and already the American people have entered upon a road-building era which has no parallel in all history--not even the splendid era when Rome knit together, with massive military roads, the far-flung outposts of her empire, nor the century of constructive work, begun by Napoleon, which has given to France the most superb system of highways in the world."
Logan Page
Director, OPR
September 29, 1913
1968 At Rainy Pass, WA, Regional Administrator Ralph Phillips represents FHWA during the opening ceremony for the last link in State Highway 20 (North Cross-State Highway), famous for its spectacular scenic beauty. The State Legislature originally appropriated $20,000 to start the highway in 1893.
1968 Secretary Alan Boyd, Administrator Lowell Bridwell, and Safety Bureau Director William Haddon, Jr., participate in the Second Annual Conference of the National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders in Washington, DC. The association includes 51 business women and housewives with a strong interest in highway safety, each selected by her State Governor.
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