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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
Table of Contents - September 30 - October 1
Also in September
1935 Pennsylvania becomes the first State to begin Highway Planning Surveys, followed in October by Ohio. Surveys from the 46 participating States provide valuable information used in planning the Interstate System.
1947 PRA established the Secondary Road Division to help foster a more complete understanding and appreciation of county road problems. In February and April 1948, the new division holds meetings of the Board of Consultants on secondary road problems, established in January 1946 to assist and advise in formulating policies affecting the Federal-aid secondary program. The consultants agree with the AASHO standards adopted by PRA for secondary roads, noting that the more experienced county officials recognize the error of building weak and unstable surfaces and unsafe roads to keep costs down.
1970 Because of recent bus accidents and national concern for bus safety, Region 5's BMCS staff launches an all-out effort to check as many buses as possible on Interstate routes.
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