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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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October 11
1902 In Seattle, WA, Director Martin Dodge writes to Secretary of Agriculture James Wilson about the progress of the Great Northern Good Roads Train, which was organized by the National Good Roads Association, President J. J. Hill of the Great Northern Railroad, OPRI, and manufacturers of roadmaking machinery. The trip had begun on September 1 at St. Paul, MN, with a 3-day convention of the Minnesota Good Roads Association, and had been scheduled to travel west all the way to the Coast. However, the train was discontinued after completing a stop on September 21 in Grand Fork, ND, because farmers were especially busy at this time of year, and it had been impossible to secure the desired attendance. Dodge and James W. Abbott, OPRI's Special Agent for the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coast States, continued west with other participants (by regular trains) to attend previously scheduled conventions. Writing to Secretary Wilson, Dodge encloses "a large number of newspaper clippings, which contain an abridged report of the work that we have done with the good roads train in the Northwest and of the manner in which it was received."
PHOTO: The Government Good Roads Party, Great Northern Good Roads Train.
The Government Good Roads Party, Great Northern Good Roads Train. OPRI Director Martin Dodge in top hat, seated.
1930 PIARC's Sixth International Road Congress concludes in Washington, DC, the first to be held in the United States. In an opening statement on October 6, Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson thanked delegates for "bringing to us the results of the best thought and experience of your respective countries in the important problems involved in improved communication through road construction."
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