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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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October 16
1893 In a circular letter to railway managers, General Roy Stone asks for information on the supply of road building materials, accessibility, transportation rates, etc., along the lines of their respective roads. The responses provide information for ORI Bulletins No. 5 (certain States west of the Mississippi River), No. 6 (certain States north of the Ohio River), and No. 7 (certain eastern and southern States).
1921 Bids are opened for the most difficult portion of the 115-mile McKenzie River Highway between Eugene and Bend, OR. In cooperation with the Forest Service, BPR is responsible for this 15-mile project that consists of reducing the heavy grades approaching the summit of the Cascade Mountains. Much of the work will require heavy work through the timber and, on the upper section over sloping beds of lava, considerable rock excavation.
PHOTO: McKenzie Highway (Oregon State Route 22) in Williamette National Forest
McKenzie Highway (Oregon State Route 22) in Williamette National Forest is a modern design and has numerous safety features.
1958 A caravan of citizens and North Dakota officials travels to the Eckelson interchange, I-94, to open the State's first fully completed Interstate section (the longest continuous stretch completed since enactment of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956). Mr. Paul Royster, Assistant to the Administrator, addresses participants.
1969 Secretary of Transportation John Volpe circles Los Angeles in a Coast Guard helicopter to observe the morning rush hour. Later, addressing the Central City Association's 45th Annual Meeting at the Biltmore, he says, "Although Californians love their automobiles, they will have to recognize that we can never provide the mobility they demand and deserve if we restrict ourselves to automobiles alone."
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