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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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October 29
1991 FHWA leadership adopts the vision, mission, values, and goals statement drafted by Agency staff during FHWA 2000. (See January 8, 1991.) The vision begins: "Meet the Nation's need for the safe, efficient and environmentally sound movement of people and goods, and be world renowned in surface transportation expertise and innovation." The statement evolved from a draft prepared by over 130 FHWA employees during a 3-day session in Fredericksburg, VA, and review of the draft by 2,835 employees in a series of 145 "cascading" sessions. The nearly 3,000 pages of data resulting from this process were analyzed by a Consensus Team of employees meeting in Ballston, VA, during 2 weeks in September 1991.
Photo: Wallet-sized version of the FHWA's vision, mission, and values statement
Wallet-sized version of the FHWA's vision, mission, and values statement, which resulted from all-hands employee cascading sessions.
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