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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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November 8
1949 PRA, with the assistance of the Advisory Committee on Motor Vehicle Brake Research, launches the first of a series of brake-test studies on U.S. 40 southwest of Elkton, MD, designed to measure the minimum stopping distance. Cars and trucks stopped at random are weighed and subjected to three emergency stops from a speed of 20 m.p.h. Tests will run until December 1.
1960 In a memo to BPR Commissioner Ellis L. Armstrong, M. F. "Pat" Maloney comments on a September 15 Engineering News-Record article on urban Interstate controversies. "In many instances, [planning groups have] been unable to do anything more than 'crystal-gaze,' having no means of implementing their plans with action . . . . Often their work has not been realistically accomplished and they defend themselves by yelling 'foul' at the highway profession."
"There is no question that a need exists for more cooperative action in urban planning--the fault does not lie on the side of the highway engineer, or entirely on the side of the planning groups."
Ellis L. Armstrong
Commissioner, BPR
November 8, 1960
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