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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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November 12
1892 In New York City, John Gilmer Speed interviews General Roy Stone for a newspaper article about the Good Roads Movement. Stone says, "We have the worst roads in the civilized world; their condition is a crushing tax on the whole people." Speed describes Stone as a Civil War hero, an inventor, and an engineer. "I met a handsome man of about 50--somewhat grizzled by his half century but as alert and energetic as a boy."
Photo: General Roy Stone
General Roy Stone
"A government is known by its works, and is respected or despised at home and abroad accordingly as it is capable or inefficient in the vital concerns of national life."
General Roy Stone
November 12, 1892
1910 Under direction of OPR's bridge engineer, three reinforced concrete culverts are built in Bennettsville, SC (through December 16) at a cost of $332.50 for labor alone.
1915 In a letter to The Road-Maker magazine, Director Logan Page replies to complaints by D. Ward King, inventor of the King split-log drag, regarding a new OPR bulletin on road drags: "This office strongly advocates the use of the drag on earth roads, and is using every means it has for extending its use, but when people like Mr. King advertise that they can show the public how to build roads without money, and that roads do not need drainage, merely for the purpose of [making] money out of the people, it is simply absurd."
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