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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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November 21
1911 In Richmond, VA, at the first American Road Congress, sponsored by the American Association for Highway Improvement, Secretary of Agriculture James Wilson tells participants, "The effect that [good roads] will have in increasing the value of farms, in making the lives of farmers and their families much more full of comfort and in the general benefit conferred by greater ease of intercommunication the country over, cannot be exaggerated." Director Logan Page addresses the congress as well: "It is necessary that a thorough campaign of education be conducted in every locality where the burden of bad roads hangs like a millstone about the necks of the people."
"In this campaign of education, three things are essential: First, that your work must have a definite object; second, that your plans must be practical; and third, that they must have intrinsic merit."
Logan Page
Director, OPR
November 21, 1911
Photo: James Wilson
James Wilson
Secretary of Agriculture
1918 1918 The Associated General Contractors of America is formed, with a membership of 97 general contractors, responding to a call of first president Daniel A. Garber, who said: "Organized [the contractor] can serve his own legitimate interests, open the gates for great prosperity, benefit the country in normal times, and serve it royally in emergencies . . . ."
1975 FHWA issues regulations to promote increased use of minority business enterprises (MBE) in Federal-aid highway activity. States must identify MBEs, ensure prime contractors using subcontractors take affirmative action to consider MBEs, and report MBE participation to FHWA quarterly.
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