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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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December 6
1909 J. E. Pennybacker, Jr., OPR's Chief of Road Management, addresses the Southern Commercial Congress in Washington, DC, on "The Road Situation in the South."
1923 President Calvin Coolidge addresses the building of good roads in a message to Congress.
1974 Administrator Norbert Tiemann and UMTA Administrator Frank C. Herringer sign an agreement providing for an interagency program to meet evolving training needs in urban transportation. The program is designed to develop programs tailored to changing and expanding roles in the transportation field. During the first phase of the new program, needed training will be identified for transportation professionals who are responsible for those phases of systems planning and development that encompass transit as well as auto and truck transportation. The second phase provides for developing priority training and education programs to meet those needs.
FHWA Administrator Norbert Tiemann (right) and UMTA Administrator Frank C. Herringer sign agreement on meeting urban transportation training needs. In the background, from left to right, Roger L. Dean, University and Industry Programs Officer, NHI; Roy W. Tidwell, NHI Director; Charles T Morrison, Jr., Training Coordinator, Office of Transit Management (OTM), UMTA; Stephen G. McConahey, Director of OTM, UMTA; and Dr. Frank E. Enty, Program Manager, Human Resources and Technical DeveloDment Division, OTM, UMTA.
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