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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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December 16
1965 The Second National Conference on Highways and Urban Development, which began December 12, concludes. Although titled "Highways and Urban Development," the conference is generally known as the Williamsburg Conference after its site in Virginia. BPR's E. H. "Ted" Holmes served as General Chairman.
"What too often is overlooked is that the plans, the planners and the builders of today will be judged, not so much by our contemporaries as by the generation or generations to come, against the background not of our environment but of theirs."
E. H. "Ted" Holmes
Director of Planning, BPR
December 16, 1965

1968 In the FAA Building, Deputy Federal Highway Administrator John Jamieson opens a week-long hearing on FHWA's proposed regulations covering public hearings and location and design approval for Federal-aid highway projects. FHWA received over 200 requests for the opportunity to be heard. The first witness is Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman, who is "heartily in favor of the concept of the two-step hearing and appeals procedure for the location and design" of projects.
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