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Process View

Requirements Development Checklist

The Microsoft Word version of this checklist is an editable form that can be used to support process reviews.

Process Checklist
Are all the bases covered? Yes No Not Applicable Comments
Were the requirements documented?        
Was a requirements walkthrough held to validate the requirements?        
Was each requirement checked to see that it met all of the following?        
  • Necessary [trace to a user need]
  • Concise [minimal]
  • Feasible [attainable]
  • Testable [measurable]
  • Technology Independent [avoid “HOW to” statements unless they are real constraints on the design of the system]
  • Unambiguous [Clear]
  • Complete [function fully defined]
Was a verification case for each requirement developed? [test, demonstration, analysis, inspection]        
Was each user need fully addressed by one or more system requirement(s)?        
Is the requirement set complete? Have the following types of requirements been defined?        
  • Functional
  • Performance
  • Enabling [training, operations & maintenance support, development, testing, production, deployment, disposal]
  • Data
  • Interface
  • Environmental
  • Non-functional [reliability, availability, safety, and security].
Were attributes [quality factors] assigned to each requirement [Priority, risk, cost, owner, date, and verification method]? Verification methods could include demonstration, analysis, test, and inspection.        
Were the requirements reviewed and approved by the stakeholders and was a baseline [reference point for future decisions] established?        
During this process step, were periodic reviews performed? Were the reviews done in accordance with the review plan documented in the SEMP?        


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