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Verification Documents Checklist

The Microsoft Word version of this checklist is an editable form that can be used to support deliverable reviews.

Deliverable Checklist
Are all the bases covered? Yes No Not Applicable Comments
Is there a documented Verification Plan for the Project?        
Does the Verification Plan answer all the questions of who, what, where, and when concerning test conduct?        
Does the Verification Plan make clear what needs to happen if a test failure is encountered?        
Does the Verification Plan define the configuration of the hardware, software, and external system needed for each test case?        
Are all applicable requirements traced to a test case in the Verification Plan? Does each test case define a realistic and doable test?        
Are detailed verification procedures documented for the project?        
Is each step in the Verification Procedure traced to a test case and a requirement?        
Are all of the necessary initial conditions and set-up defined for each procedure?        
Has each verification procedure been dry run prior to the formal test? Have the procedures been updated as a result?        
Is there a Verification Report that documents the project verification results?        
Does the Verification Report describe, in detail, the resolution of every test anomaly encountered during testing?        


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