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2.2 Scope

This Guidebook covers the ITS project life cycle starting with interfacing to the portion of the regional ITS architecture to be implemented. It continues through system retirement & replacement. This Guidebook does not cover how to develop and maintain a regional ITS architecture nor is it an in-depth systems engineering handbook. This Guidebook will address the interface between the planning and implementation of the projects, the interface between implementation of the project and the operations & maintenance of the system, and all steps in between.

This guide identifies the expected outcomes for each step of the systems engineering process and identifies the roles and responsibilities for the system’s owner, systems engineering assistance [consultants], and the development team. Each process step will be described using a range of aids, such as “checklists”, “tips”, “process charts”, examples, and document templates in the appendix portion of this guide. It is not intended to be a comprehensive handbook on systems engineering. It is intended to provide an overview of the systems engineering process and its supporting and cross-cutting activities.

The intent is to give owning agencies enough understanding of the systems engineering process to work with contractors [to understand what the contractors are providing and why]. It will clarify and support their own role in the process as managers of contractors and employees. It also provides guidance and pointers to resources for systems engineering performed in-house.


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