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Glossary: P


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One piece, or two or more pieces joined together which are not normally subjected to disassembly without destruction or impairment of designed use [examples: gear, screws, transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits].
Product Development
Preliminary Design Review
A quantitative measure characterizing a physical or functional attribute relating to the execution of a mission/operation or function.
Program Manager
Project Management Institute
A guiding principle, typically established by senior management, which is adopted by an organization or project to influence and determine decisions.
Point-to-Point Protocol
An organized set of activities
Process Area
A cluster of related practices in an area that, when implemented collectively, satisfies a set of goals considered important for making improvement in that area. All CMMI process areas are common to both continuous and staged representations.
A product is a given set of items. The set could consist of system, sub-system, hardware or software items, and their documentation.
An undertaking requiring concerted effort, which is focused on developing and/or maintaining a specific product. The product may include hardware, software, and other components. Typically, a project has its own funding, cost accounting, and delivery schedule with the acquirer [customer].
Project architecture
High-level design
Project life cycle
See Life cycle
Project Plan
A description [what is to be done, what funds are available, when it will be done and by whom] of the entire set of tasks that the project requires.


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