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T & E
Test & Evaluation
Planning systems engineering activities that are appropriate and cost-effective for the size and complexity of the project. It may be based on cost, size, the number of stakeholders, the supporting relationships between them, complexity of systems [large number of interfaces to other systems, a large number of functions to perform, or the degree of coupling between systems.], level of ownership of system products [custom development of software owned by the agency or commercial off the shelf products], existing software products, resources, risks.
Technical reviews
A series of system engineering activities by which the technical progress on a project is assessed relative to its technical or contractual requirements. The formal reviews are conducted at logical transition points in the development effort to identify and correct problems resulting from the work completed thus far before the problem can disrupt or delay the technical progress. The reviews provide a method for the contractor and procuring activity to determine that the identification and development of a CI have met contract requirements.
A requirement or set of requirements is considered to be testable if an objective and feasible test can be designed to determine whether each requirement has been met.
Transportation Improvement Plan
Traffic Management Center
Technical Review
Trade-off Study
An objective evaluation of alternative requirements, architectures, design approaches, or solutions using identical ground rules and criteria.
Test Readiness Review


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