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The process of examining and altering an existing system to reconstitute it in a new form. This may include reverse engineering [analyzing a system and producing a representation at a higher level of abstraction, such as design from code], restructuring [transforming a system from one representation to another at the same level of abstraction], recommendation [analyzing a system and producing user and support documentation], forward engineering [using software products derived from an existing system, together with new requirements, to produce a new system], and translation [transforming source code from one language to another or from one version of a language to another].
Regional ITS Architecture
A specific regional framework for ensuring institutional agreement and technical integration for the implementation of ITS projects in a particular region.
Regression Testing
Is a process that tests not only the area of change but also tests those areas that were not changed but are affected by the change.
The total consideration as to WHAT is to be done [functional], HOW well it is to perform [performance], and under WHAT CONDITIONS it is to operate. [Environmental and non-functional].
Reverse engineering
The process of documenting an existing Intelligent Transportation Systems functional [what it does – requirements], physical [how it does it – design], and support [the way it was built and maintained – enabling products] characteristics.
Request for Proposal
Request for Quotation
Risk management
An organized process to identify what can go wrong, to quantify and access associated risks, and to implement/control the appropriate approach for preventing or handling each risk.
Right Of Way
Regional Transportation Improvement Plan


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