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Programs Modified or Discontinued by MAP-21 May Lapse Funds on September 30, 2015

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Subject: Action: Programs Modified or Discontinued by MAP-21 May Lapse Funds on September 30, 2015 Date: April 17, 2015
From: Elissa K. Konove [Signed]
Chief Financial Officer
In Reply Refer To: HCF-1

Associate Administrators
Director, Office of Innovative Program Delivery
Division Administrators
Division Directors

The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) modified or discontinued a number of highway programs that were authorized by previous legislation. Pursuant to these changes, the funding associated with these changed or discontinued programs may lapse at the end of fiscal year 2015. For more information on the availability of funding, refer to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (HCF) Funds Availability and Reobligating Expired Funds memorandum, dated January 17, 2014, and the Guide to Federal-aid Programs and Projects.

The attached reference guide summarizes the period of availability for programs that were modified or discontinued under MAP-21, including program codes and fund values, and it should be used in lieu of other reports when determining whether the funds associated with these programs will lapse. The period of availability is indicated by either Available until Expended (AUE) or subject to lapse (Lapse).1 As noted above, the scope of the attachment is limited to programs impacted by MAP-21. Other programs not modified or discontinued by MAP-21 may also have funds that will lapse at the end of the fiscal year. To determine if unobligated balances are available in a lapsing program, divisions and program offices should query the Fiscal Management Information System (FMIS) and/or Delphi, as applicable.

The following major programs were not continued or modified under MAP-21 and the entire amount of unobligated funds will lapse on September 30, 2015. HCF plans to take the necessary actions to ensure the unobligated funds associated with the following programs are not available for obligation on October 1, 2015.

The Transportation Enhancements and High Risk Rural Roads programs were funded as set-asides from the Surface Transportation Program and the Highway Safety Improvement Program, respectively. Funding in these two set-aside programs will only lapse if the core program has a total unobligated balance (including set-aside program balances) greater than the sum of the last four years of apportionments. Given current core program fund balances, it’s unlikely that Transportation Enhancements and High Risk Rural Roads program funding will lapse at the end of FY 2015.

The funding associated with the following modified or discontinued major programs is available until expended:

Every effort should be made to obligate lapsing funds prior to the end of the fiscal year. Obligating funds solely to protect them from lapsing is improper; all obligations must be supported by a documented cost estimate.3 Please note that all one-year obligation limitation associated with non-formula (allocated) program funds including funds subject to lapse should be returned, as appropriate, during August Redistribution. The lapsing of apportioned funds will not impact the amount of formula limitation available to a State.

Please contact Eric Cline at eric.cline@dot.gov for FMIS-related inquiries or Melissa Stanley at melissa.stanley@dot.gov for other inquires.

cc: Thomas Echikson, Chief Counsel
Amy Lucero, Director, Technical Services
Directors of Field Services

Attachment – MAP-21 Modified or Discontinued Programs

Existing Highway Programs Applicable pre MAP-21
Program Codes
Applicable Fund Value(s) Period of Availability
Add'l CA for States w/Indian Reservations LJ90, LJ9E, Q570, R570 15X0R57050 Lapse
Alaska Highway Takedown LK10, LK1E, HK10 15X0RK1050 AUE
America's Byways Resource Center Q590, R590 15X0R59050 Lapse
Appalachian Development Highway System H790, H980, L980, L98E, Q980, L9A0, H9A0, L9AE, L98E, H540, H5A0, Q540, Q5A0, L540, L54E, L98R, L5A0, L5AE, Q7A0, 4420, 54C0, 54K0, 54L0, 54M0, 6380, 6390, 6410, 6420, 7950, 7960, 79B0, 79F0, 54G0, 54H0, 54F0, 54J0, 54N0, 54P0 1540R98010
Bicycle and Pedestrian Grants (Clearinghouse) J3L0, R3L0, T3L0 15X0R3L050 Lapse
Bridge Set-Aside LE20, UE20 15X0RLH050 AUE
Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ) 3200, H400, L400, L40E, L40R, Q400 15X0100050 LapseA
Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program H1G0, L1G0, L1GE, L1GR 15X0100050 AUE
DBE Training L480, L48E, Q480, H480, J480, R480 15X0R48050 Lapse
Delta Region Transportation Development Program LZ50, LZ5E 15X0R74050 AUE
Denali Access System Program LW1E 15X0100050 AUE
Equity Bonus HZ20, LZ20, LZ2E, H760, Q760, QC50, TE10, TZ20, H780, Q780, L77R, LZ1R, H770, Q770, QC70, SB30, HZ10, LZ10, LZ1E, TE20 15X0164L50
Emergency Relief 09V0, 09W0, 09VE 15X009WA50 AUE
Ferry Boat Discretionary Program H950, Q950, L950, L95E, QF10, R950, 32G0, 3270 15X0327050 AUE
Freight Intermodal Distribution Pilot Grants TJ10 15X0R73001 AUE
Future Strategic Highway Research 3720, 37T0, 3800 15X0372010 AUE
Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park T090, T09E 15X0R71009 AUE
Grant Program to Prohibit Racial Profiling LN30 15X0R72003 AUE
Great Lakes ITS Implementation HT40, HT50, HT60, HT70, HT80, J700, J710, J720, J730, J740, J750, J760, QT40, QT50, QT60, QT70, QT80, R700, R710, R720, R730, R740, R750, R760 15X0441060 AUE
High Priority Projects Various   AUE
High Risk Rural Roads Program LS20, LS2E, LS2R 15X0100050 LapseB
Highway Bridge Program 1170, 1180, H100, Q100, L10R, H110, L110, L11E, L11R, Q110, 1140, H120, Q120, L12R, H1C0, L1C0, L1CE, L1CR 15X0100050 Lapse
Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) LS30, LS3E, LS3R 15X0100050 LapseA
Highway Use Tax Evasion (allocated) 94C0, L960, L96E, H960, 3340, 3810, J960, Q960, R960 15X0334050 AUE
Highway Use Tax Evasion (STP funds) LT30, HT30, QT30 15X0100050 Lapse
Highways for LIFE LV50, TV50, LV60, LV5E, TV5E 15X0R9Y050 Lapse
Indian Reservation Road Bridges 11T0, 11U0, 9830, 983E, 11Z0 15X011T050, 15X0R71001
Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) F110, F11E, F120, 1630 15X0F11050
Interstate Maintenance (IM) 0440, 04M0, Q010, H010, L010, L01E, L01R 15X0100050 Lapse
Interstate Maintenance Discretionary H020, L020, L02E
15X0R02050, 15X0100050 AUE
Lake Tahoe Region MPO 87A0 15X0785E50 AUE
Magnetic Levitation Program T660, R660 15X0R66050 AUE
Metropolitan Planning 0850, H450, L450, L45E, L45R, Q450 15X0100050 LapseA
National Corridor Infrastructure Program 3620, 36C0, 36K0, 3630, 36D0 15X0362A50, 15X0363A50 AUE
National Highway System (NHS) H050, L050, L05E, L05R, Q050, 3150 15X0100050 Lapse
National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation LE30, LE3E, TE30 15X0R71002 AUE
National Work Zone Safety Clearinghouse TJ50 15X0R77051 Lapse
Non-Motorized Pilot Program LN20 15X0R72002 AUE
On-The-Job Training & Supportive Services Q490, L490, L49E, H490, J490, R490 15X0R49050 AUE
Park Roads and Parkways (PRP) F170, F17E 15X0F17050 Lapse
Pavement Marking Systems Demonstration Projects LN40 15X0R72004 AUE
Projects of Regional and National Significance LY40, L990, LT40, TBY0 15X0R73H50 AUE
Public Lands Highways Discretionary (PLH) F180, F18E, F150, F15E 15X0F15050 Lapse
Public Lands Highways, Forest Highways (PLH) 4130, F130 15X0413050
Puerto Rico Highway Program LP10, LP1E, HP10, QD60, QP10, TP1E 15X0RP1050 Lapse
Rail Highway Crossing Hazard Elimination in High-Speed Rail Corridors LE10, LE1E, UE10 15X0R76850 Lapse
Recreational Trails H940, L940, L94E, L94R, Q940, HR10, HR20, QR10, QR20, LR1E, T94R, U94R, J940, R940 15X0R94050, 15X0R94010 Lapse
Refuge Roads (RR) 4190, F190, F19E, F21E 15X0419050, 15X0F19050 Lapse
Road Safety (Data and Public Awareness) TJ60 15X0R78050 AUE
Safe Routes to School HU10, LU10, LU1E, LU1R, HU20, LU20, LU2R, LU2E, HU30, LU30, LU3R, LU3E 15X0100050 AUE
Scenic Byways 3320, Q970, L97E, J970, 32C0, 34X0, H970 15X0332050 Lapse
State Planning & Research (SPR) 0810, 0800, H550, L550, L55E, L55R, Q550 15X0100050 LapseA
Surface Transportation Program (STP) Various 15X0100050 LapseA
Territorial Highway Program LT10, QT10, 31E0, 31F0, HT10, TT10, LT1E 15X031E050 Lapse
TIFIA 4990, JA10 15X0499010, 15X0499050 AUE
Transportation Enhancements H220, L220, L22E, L22R, Q220, 33B0 15X0100050 LapseB
Transportation, Community, and System Preservation L680, H680, Q680, J680, Q690, R680, L68E 15X0R68050 Lapse
Transportation Improvement Program L900 15X0R71H50 AUE
Truck Parking Facilities LN10, LN1E 15X0R72001 AUE
Work Zone Safety Grants LJ40 15X0R76001 Lapse
Value Pricing Pilot Program Q880, L880, L88E, H880 15X0R88050 Lapse

A Unobligated balances in excess of 4 years’ worth of the State’s apportionment for the program, including set-asides, will lapse.
B Funded as a set-aside from a core apportioned programs and some balances may lapse as part of the overall unobligated balance of the core apportioned program.

1 Lapsing is based on the period of availability and unobligated balances at the end of the fiscal year; while a program may be listed to lapse in the attachment, it does not indicate all balances will lapse.

2 MAP-21 reauthorized the Recreational Trails Program as a set-aside from the Transportation Alternatives Program instead of a separate apportioned program. Balances from previous authorization acts have a 4 year period of availability and will lapse.

3 The HCF and Office of Infrastructure guidance memo, “Project Funds Management Guide for State Grants,” dated October 29, 2014, prescribes the funds management requirements associated with obligating funds.

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