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Project Code:

Assessment under the Post-Disaster Road, Bridge and Trail Replacement, Relocation, and Upgrade Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) (FEMA and FHWA, May 2014)

Disaster Description and Date:

Project Name and Location:

Project Description:

Name and Date of Hydraulic Study (attach a copy to this checklist):

I. PEA Alternative Used (Check all that apply)

Alternative 2 – Replacement

Alternative 3 – Relocation

Alternative 4 – New Structure Design

Alternative 5 – Alternate Route

II. Evaluation


Document impacts to human, socio economic, or natural environment for environmental setting or circumstances.


Are Impacts Consistent with Descriptions in PEA?


Are There Additional Impacts?


Date Reviewed

Are Site Specific Study Documents Attached? (Yes/No)

Geology, Soils and Land Use


Transportation Facilities


Safety and Occupational Health


Socioeconomics and Environmental Justice


Air Quality




Public Services and Utilities


Water Resources


Biological Resources


Cultural Resources



Document changes to laws, regulations, and/or guidelines since signature of PEA FONSI:


For items checked as having additional impacts: assess the affected natural and socio-economic environment, impacts and new issues/concerns which may now exist:


List specific mitigation measures for each resource impacted (both impacts from PEA or additional impacts):

III. Public/Agency Involvement(if any)

Document any public meetings, notices, & websites, and/or document agency coordination. For each provide dates, and coordination:

IV. Permits

List required permits and status of permit:

V. Attachments Listed

List maps, studies, background data, permits, etc.

VI. Conclusion and Recommendation

The project is consistent with the alternatives and impacts as described in the PEA.

The project generally is consistent with the alternatives and impacts as described in the PEA, but includes some minor impacts not described in the PEA which are documented in this checklist.

The project requires a Supplemental Environmental Assessment because (1) creates impacts not described in the PEA; (2) creates impacts greater in magnitude, extent, or duration than those described in the PEA; or (3) requires additional mitigation measures that are not described in the PEA to keep impacts below significant levels.

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Applicant or Road Agency Signature Date

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Federal Emergency Management Agency or Date

Federal Highway Administration Signature

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