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Interstate Technical Group on Abandoned Underground Mines
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DOE's Program on The Mining Industry of the Future

Presenter: Roy Tiley, Research Analyst
Organization: BCS, Incorporated
Phone: 410-997-7778 x 20
Fax: 410-997-7669
Email: rtiley@bcs-hq.com
Mailing Address: 5550 Sterrett Place, Suite 306
Columbia, Maryland 21044


As the mining industry moves into the future, the opportunity to apply emerging technologies to enhance production and resource performance and provide new products are critical to the industry's ability to serve the nation and achieve profitability. Once these technologies are developed and in place, they will allow the industry to use its energy, land, capital and labor resources even more efficiently during all stages of the mining cycle that will in turn, create a safer, less environmentally disruptive industry with higher quality output at lower cost.

Each year, nearly 47,000 pounds of materials must be mined for each person in the U.S. to maintain their standard of living. The Mining Industry of the Future, a collaboration between the U.S. mining industry and the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Industrial Technologies, is working to make the U.S. mining industry the most efficient and advanced in the world.

Through participation in Office of Industrial Technologies' "Industries of the Future" the U.S. mining industry has:

  • Set a Vision for the future
  • Clearly defined its R&D priorities in roadmaps
  • Developed a portfolio of innovative R&D
  • Tapped into expanded tools and resources
  • Developed access to best practices

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Updated: 06/27/2017
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