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Federal-aid Program Administration


Right-of-way Clearance, Utility, and Railroad Coordination

Formerly Federal-aid Policy Guide Non-Regulatory Supplement NS 23 CFR, Part 635C,
December 9, 1991, Transmittal 1
See Order 1321.1C FHWA Directives Management

  1. Coordination (23 CFR 635.307)
    1. To accomplish the objective of 635.307 appropriate arrangements should be made to see that to the maximum extent practicable and economical, the right-of-way clearance, utility, and railroad work is completed before the physical construction is authorized, and that any such work to be performed during the physical construction of the project is properly coordinated therewith.
  2. Authorization (23 CFR 635.309). Additional guidance relative to 635.309(o):
    1. Section 154 of the Surface Transportation and Uniform Relocation Assistance Act of 1987 requires States that have a practice of erecting signs identifying funding sources on non-Federal-aid construction projects to also erect signs displaying the source and amounts of funds on all Federal-aid projects.
    2. Only essential information regarding the source and amount of funding shall be included on funding source signs. Promotional information is prohibited.
    3. The cost of furnishing, erecting, maintaining, or removing funding source identification signs is eligible for Federal-aid participation as part of a Federal-aid construction contract. Signs may be considered an incidental item to the construction or bid as a separate pay item. Costs will be reimbursed at the same pro rata share as the construction.
  3. Form of Authorization (No CFR paragraph reference).
    • The authorization to proceed may be by letter to the State highway agency or by endorsement on the State's request for such authorization. When appropriate the authorization may be included in the document approving the PS&E.
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