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Highways for LIFE


Accelerating Innovation for the American Driving Experience

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Issue: 11, February/March 2009 | PDF Version (1 mb)

Across the nation, accelerated bridge construction is speeding project delivery times, a goal of the Highways for LIFE program. Read More...

Issue: 10, December/January 2008 | PDF Version (2 mb)

When the Oregon Department of Transportation replaced five aging bridges on Highway 38, it built community goodwill along the route by recruiting schoolchildren to build bat boxes and design bridge pylons illustrating local wildlife. Read More...

Issue: 9, October/November 2008 | PDF Version (1.6 mb)

A number of innovations, including performance–based contracting, are being implemented in the reconstruction of a two–lane rural road in Clare County, Mich. Read More...

Issue: 8, August/September 2008 | PDF Version (1.4 mb)

Bridge projects in three states show how the Highways for LIFE program is encouraging a wide range of innovations that speed construction, improve quality and enhance safety for the traveling public and construction workers alike. Read More...

Issue: 7, June/July 2008 | PDF Version (0.8 mb)

From "assuring user satisfaction" to "creating customer delight," highway agencies use a variety of terms to describe a key goal of their construction programs: satisfying the desire of motorists for a good driving experience. Read More...

Issue: 6, April/May 2008 | PDF Version (1.5 mb)

To mitigate the traffic congestion caused by thousands of work zones across the nation each year, the Federal Highway Administration has been promoting accelerated bridge construction. ABC techniques can slash lane closure times from months to hours for a given structure. Read More...

Issue: 5, February/March 2008 | PDF Version (1.8 mb)

For 2008, the Federal Highway Administration remains committed to the principles and vision of the Highways for LIFE program, and will, in fact, add more features focusing on where the program has had most success: sharing and promoting innovation. Read More...

Issue: 4, December 2007 | PDF Version (1.5 mb)

Prefabrication and innovative transporter technology reduced the impact of construction congestion on motorists from months to days when the Utah Department of Transportation replaced a bridge over Interstate 215 in Salt Lake City. Read More...

Issue: 3, October 2007 | PDF Version (1.0 mb)

California, Maryland, Montana, New York, North Dakota and Utah have been named recipients of 2007 Highways for LIFE incentive funding. Read More...

Issue: 2, August 2007 | PDF Version (1.5 mb)

Highway projects in Arizona, Georgia, Maine, Missouri, Oregon and Virginia have been chosen for Federal Highway Administration Highways for LIFE program grants for 2007. The states will receive up to $1 million each to use innovations to cut construction congestion while enhancing safety, quality and user satisfaction. Read More...

Issue: 1, June 2007 | PDF Version (1.6 mb)

Welcome to Innovator, a Federal Highway Administration newsletter to advance widespread implementation of innovations and technologies in the highway community. Through this newsletter, the agency plans to chronicle a nationwide movement to improve the way highways are built. Read More...

Issue: Recent 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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