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Hawaii Division

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Federal Highway Division
Hawaii Federal-Aid Division

300 Ala Moana Blvd, Room 3-306
Box 50206
Honolulu, HI 96850-3306
Phone: 808-541-2700

Contact Name Title E-Mail Phone
Office of Division Administrator
Ralph Rizzo Division Administrator Ralph.J.Rizzo@dot.gov 808-541-2312
Richelle Takara Deputy Division Administrator Richelle.Takara@dot.gov 808-541-2311
Adriana Windham Civil Rights Program Manager Adriana.Windham@dot.gov 808-541-2328
Finance and Administrative Team
Michael Nadeau Financial Manager Michael.Nadeau@dot.gov 808-541-2307
Amy Ford-Wagner Transportation Planner Amy.Ford-Wagner@dot.gov 808-541-2325
Donna Yuen Transportation Finance Specialist Donna.Yuen@dot.gov 808-541-2303
Michele O’Connell Program Management Analyst Michele.OConnell@dot.gov 808-541-2329
Vacant Pathways Intern (Finance Specialist)    
Pacific Territories Program
Boday Borres Senior Transportation Engineer
(Territorial Representative)
Boday.Borres@dot.gov 808-541-2309
Programs and Project Development Team
Kaha'a Rezantes Team Leader Kahaa.Rezantes@dot.gov 808-541-2314
Vacant Transportation Engineer    
Bruce Thill Bridge/Structural Engineer Bruce.Thill@dot.gov 808-541-2302
Wayne Kaneshiro Highway/Safety Engineer Wayne.Kaneshiro@dot.gov 808-541-2326
Meesa Otani Environmental Engineer Meesa.Otani@dot.gov 808-541-2316
Lisa Powell Transportation Engineer Lisa.Powell@dot.gov 808-541-2305
Kelly Okumura Realty Specialist Kelly.Okumura@dot.gov 808-541-2304
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