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Inflation Reduction Act

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Low-Carbon Transportation Materials Grants

  Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
Fiscal year (FY) 2022
(General Fund)
$2 B*

*Funds were appropriated in FY22 and remain available until September 30, 2026.

Note: Except as indicated, all references in this document are to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), enacted as Pub. L. 117-169 (Aug. 16, 2022).

Program Purpose

The IRA establishes the Low-Carbon Transportation Materials Grants program to reimburse or provide incentives to eligible recipients for the use, in projects, of construction materials and products that have substantially lower levels of embodied greenhouse gas emissions associated with all relevant stages of production, use, and disposal as compared to estimated industry averages of similar materials or products as determined by the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Statutory Citation

Funding Features

Type of Budget Authority or Authorization of Appropriations

Distribution of Funds

Federal Share

Program Features

This is a new program established under the IRA.

Eligible Recipients

Eligible Facilities

A reimbursement or incentive under this program shall only be provided for a project on a-

Additional Considerations


Additional Information and Assistance

FHWA can connect you with your local FHWA office and support you with technical assistance for planning, design, construction, preserving, and improving public roads and in the stewardship of Federal funds. For assistance, visit: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/bipartisan-infrastructure-law/technical_support.cfm.

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