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Asset Management

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Relationships Between Asset Management and Travel Demand:
Findings and Recommendations from Four State DOT Site Visits

Appendix A: Performance Measures

North Carolina

AssetPerformance Measure
Deficient Bridges% of bridges exceed the national average
Bridge Decks% of decks rating <6
Superstructure% of superstructure rating <6
Substructure% of substructure rating <6
NBIS Culverts% of culverts rating <6
Non-NBIS Culverts% of culverts rated "good"
Overhead Signs Structures% of culverts sign structures rated "good"
Drawbridge Machinery% of moveable spans with rating <7
TunnelsCondition rating
AssetPerformance Measure
Low ShoulderLF that's ≥ 2 inches
High ShoulderLF that's ≥ 1 inch
Lateral DitchesLF that's blocked, eroded, etc.
Crossline Pipes (Blocked)Number of pipes blocked
Crossline Pipes (Damaged)Number of pipes damaged
Curb & Gutter (Blocked)LF that's blocked
Curb & Gutter (Damaged)LF that's damaged
Drop Inlets, CB's etc. (Blocked)Number of inlets blocked
Drop Inlets, CB's etc. (Damaged)Number of inlets damaged
Guardrail/Cable Rail/Concrete Median RailLF that's damaged
AttenuatorsNumber of not functioning properly
Snow and IceTime to bare pavement
AssetPerformance Measure
MowingAverage grass height
Brush & Tree Control% encroaching on clearance zone
Turf condition% of area with poor turf
Miscellaneous Vegetation Management% of area with uncontrolled growth
Litter & DebrisNumber of pieces of litter or debris
Storm Water Devices% of devices not functioning
Landscape Bed Maintenance% of area needing maintenance
ROW Fence% of fence needing maintenance
Rest Area & Welcome CentersCondition rating
AssetPerformance Measure
IRI% of LM that's > 145 or PCS severe
Pavement Condition Rating% of RM < 80
Lane Width% of lane width < AASHTO standards
Pavement Shoulder Condition% of shoulder miles in poor condition
Rigid CRC Pavement% of road miles < good
Paved Shoulder Width% of paved shoulder < paved shoulder policy
Traffic and ITS
AssetPerformance Measure
Long Line Pavement MarkingsLF visible at night
Pavement Markers% present and reflective
Signs (including lights)% visible and legible
Roadway lighting% operational
Traffic SignalsComposite score (operations)
Traffic SignalsComposite score (routine maintenance)
Traffic SignalsComposite score (emergency response)
Highway Free flowIncident clearance time
Dynamic Message Sign% incident advised with time frame
AssetPerformance Measure
  • Ride quality - smoothness for motorist
  • Crack severity - structural deterioration
  • Wheel rut paths - depressions in pavement
  • % of roads that are not built to all-weather standards
  • PCI measures of defects - range from 0-100
  • Classifications of "good" and "poor"
  • % "having" or "not having" complete system including: runway length, width, surface types, lighting system, taxi system, safety areas, and visual approach aides
  • % visible and legible Identify as "good" or "poor"
  • Vehicle mileage and age
  • Number of buses eligible for replacement compared to % not being replaced
  • Based on age, the number of buses eligible for replacement
  • % underfunded
  • Number of accidents per 100 million vehicle miles traveled
  • Number of accidents per year
  • Rail grade crossing property damage
  • Facility crashes
Level of Services
  • Average trip speed; total travel time; passenger, vehicle, or freight delay; vehicle miles of travel; person miles traveled; average daily traffic capacity
  • Measurement of transit use on a per capita basis
  • Number of passenger terminals served by 2+ modes
Intermodal Facilities
  • Number of facilities with direct connections to NHS
  • Usage - calls, web site hits
  • Service Times
AssetPerformance Measure
  • % of roads in "good" or "fair" condition - 90% interstate, 70% arterial, 50% collector
  • 65% of bridges in "very good" condition, 25% in "good," and 10% in "fair"
Snow and Ice Removal
  • Letter grade to snow removal efforts
Signing and Striping
  • Letter grade for visibility rating
Traveler Information Systems
  • Increases usage of 511 and CommuterLink by 10%/year
Incident Management Systems
  • Speed accidents are cleared
  • Reduce fatalities by 2%/year
  • Reduce pedestrian fatalities by 2%/year
  • Number of accidents
  • Severity of accidents
Level of Service
  • Motorist travel times
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