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Stewardship/Oversight Task Force - Power Point Presentation

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Foggy coast line


Is FHWA's Oversight responsibility foggy?
Is Oversight relationship to strategic plan clear?

ISTEA and TEA 21

  • Authorized FHWA to delegate specific project approval authorities to STA

  • Did not alter FHWA program responsibility on all programs to Congress and public

FHWA's Strategic Plan significantly impacts what I do

Pie chart - Results of 2000 All Employee Survey - Somewhat or strongly agree: 48.6% Somewhat or strongly disagree: 43.7%, No opinion or response: 7.8%

2000 All Employee Survey

Task Force Objectives

Foggy coast line with lighthouse


  • Re-visit and re-frame national guidance on stewardship and oversight

  • Prepare draft paper and other products

Task Force Recommendations

  • Issue new policy
  • Stronger link for stewardship in national strategic plan and performance plans
  • Improve info systems to consolidate regs, policy, guidance for "one stop shopping"
  • Update policies, training materials to include new policy
  • Outreach

Policy Paper Definitions

Graphic of umbrella labelled stewardship
  • Program Administration
  • Technology deployment
  • Technical assistance
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Oversight
  • Project Development
  • Project Delivery
  • Maintenance/operation

Policy Paper FHWA/STA Roles

  • FHWA program stewardship & oversight responsibilities - all programs
  • STA can assume project approval authorities
  • STA to manage delegated authority - included STA oversight of LPA projects
  • FHWA/STA joint assessment of FHWA programs, delegated authorities


  • FHWA to conduct outreach to ensure understanding of policy
  • FHWA and Unit performance plans include stewardship and oversight strategies
  • FHWA/STA joint assessment of implementation of FHWA programs
  • FHWA sets stewardship and oversight strategy based on assessment

Implementation (cont'd)

  • Program reviews, PR/PE and CPI initiatives prominent in Stewardship and oversight.
  • Incorporate non-NHS projects in PR/PE, CPI and program reviews.
  • FHWA pursue stronger connection between Stewardship in new FHWA Business Plan
  • FHWA pursue better tools


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Updated: 06/27/2017
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