Learn About New Innovations

Watch live or on-demand: Webinars provide an opportunity to increase your knowledge of new innovations. The value capture webinar series features techniques to capture a portion of the value generated by public infrastructure investment to address funding gaps.
The “Extending Our Reach” webinar series highlights virtual public involvement techniques to enhance transportation agencies’ engagement efforts.
Bridge Bundling Guidebook Available
The Federal Highway Administration’s new “Bridge Bundling Guidebook” leads users through 10 steps for developing an effective bundling program. Although the guide focuses on bridges, agencies can apply the information to develop bundles that maximize resources on all types of projects, such as safety, pavement, and traffic operations.

Topics the guide covers include project delivery methods, funding and financing, coalition building, and risk assessment. The guide features tools to help deliver bundled projects, such as selection criteria and sample contracts. For information, contact Romeo Garcia of the FHWA Office of Infrastructure or David Unkefer of the FHWA Resource Center.