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Credit: fotosearch.com
Two lane road with middle turn lanes

Help Determine the Next Round of EDC Innovations

Do you have experience with a proven innovation that is currently underutilized but has game-changing potential for the highway community? If so, we want to know!

Every Day Counts Call for Ideas Webinar
Credit: FHWA

FHWA will seek suggestions for market-ready innovations to deploy in 2023 in round seven of Every Day Counts (EDC-7). State, local, Tribal, and industry partners, as well as the public, are encouraged to submit innovative technologies or practices that can help provide safer roads for all users, address equity as part of project planning and delivery, and support sustainable and resilient infrastructure nationwide.

Your ideas can help make every day count to ensure the Nation’s infrastructure is built better, faster, and smarter. Check the website for details.

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Recommended Citation: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration - Washington, DC (2021) Innovator Newsletter, January/February 2022, Volume 15 (88). https://doi.org/10.21949/1521806