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STICs Celebrate 10-Year Milestones

During the first Every Day Counts (EDC) regional summits, FHWA encouraged the formation of State Transportation Innovation Councils (STICs). The idea was to bring the diverse highway community together in each State to identify and deploy the best innovations for their program while forming a strong culture of innovation. While several States at the time had entities similar to STICs, most did not have a group working cooperatively to deploy transportation technology and practices.

Now STICs are active in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and within Federal Lands Highway, and the earliest States to officially join the new STIC Network are celebrating 10 years of working together to get innovations into widespread use.

Michigan STIC Storyboard Image

The Michigan STIC’s storyboard includes information on membership and funding as well as project highlights.

Credit: Michigan State Transportation Innovation Council

Inaugurated on March 21, 2012, the Michigan STIC (MI-STIC) was the first in the Nation to sign a charter. MI-STIC members celebrated the council’s 10-year anniversary at their March 21, 2022, meeting. Attendees said it was an opportunity to look back at innovation activities over the years and reflect on where they are today, and it was also an opportunity to look forward to the 50-year anniversary and envision what transportation innovation will look like in the year 2062. View a storyboard and the MDOT Innovation Dashboard to learn more about the MI-STIC and the innovations it has deployed.

Pennsylvania STIC 10th Anniversary Webapge Graphic

Pennsylvania’s STIC created a 10th Anniversary webpage with a timeline and other highlights marking 10 years of moving innovation forward.

Credit: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

The Pennsylvania STIC (PA STIC), which held its inaugural business meeting on March 27, 2012, held a celebration of 10 years of innovation on July 27, 2022, following a regular meeting. To share the story of their STIC and the successes they have seen over the last decade, PA STIC created a 10th Anniversary webpage, which includes an article on their STIC’s origins, a STIC podcast series, and a timeline of STIC happenings and milestones over the past 10 years. They also plan to release a special issue of their Innovation in Motion e-newsletter.

State Transportation Innovation Councils STIC logo

Please share with us how you are celebrating your STIC’s 10-year anniversary! Send an email to Sara Lowry, National STIC Network and Incentive Program Coordinator. To learn more about the STIC Network, visit the program webpage.

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