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Crash Responder Safety Week

Crash Responder Safety Week

November 14–18, 2022

Traffic incident responders put their lives at risk when clearing each of the nearly 7 million annual motor vehicle crashes or the broader range of incidents such as stalled vehicles or roadway debris. Crash Responder Safety Week (CRSW) is an FHWA-sponsored initiative that communicates simple steps everyone can take to help keep roadway responders and the public safe around traffic incidents.

Photo of a busy road with crash responder vehicles.

Crash Responder Safety Week takes place Nov. 14–18, 2022.

Credit: FHWA

CRSW offers an opportunity to promote road user awareness and adherence to Move Over laws and Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training for all traffic incident responders. Register now for the CRSW National Kickoff webinar, scheduled for Nov. 14, 2022, which will include U.S. DOT and national association executive leadership messages, proclamation signing, and responder struck-by testimonials.

The CRSW kickoff webinar takes the place of the November Talking TIM webinar hosted by Jim Austrich, Paul Jodoin, and Joe Tebo, FHWA Office of Operations, and the National Operations Center of Excellence. To view previous topics in the Talking TIM webinar series, visit the Talking TIM webinar site.

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