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Publication Title Publication Number
EDC-3 Progress Report #3  |  PDF icon PDF Version FHWA-16-CAI-008
EDC-3 Progress Report #2  |   PDF icon PDF Version FHWA-16-CAI-003
EDC-3 Progress Report #1  |  PDF icon PDF Version FHWA-15-CAI-010
EDC-3 Baseline Report  |  PDF icon PDF Version FHWA-15-CAI-005
EDC-2 Summit Report  
EDC-2 Final Report  |  PDF icon PDF Version FHWA-15-CAI-003
EDC Significant Impacts Brochure FHWA-14-CAI-027
EDC News  
Creating a National Innovation Network, ATSSA, The Signal (03/16)
Smarter Work Zones: Using Strategies to Minimize Delays, Maximize Safety and Mobility, ATSSA, The Signal (01/16)
Accelerating Innovation, ASCE, Civil Engineering (10/15)
Every Day Counts Encourages New Safety Strategies, ATSSA, The Signal (10/15)
A Look Back at Moving Forward, FHWA, Public Roads (11/13)
Every Day Counts: The Second Phase, FHWA, Public Roads (03/13)
Every Day Counts: FHWA, Public Roads (01/12)
EDC-2: 3D Engineered Models for Construction Fact Sheet
EDC-3: 3D Engineered Models: Schedule, Cost and Post-Construction Fact Sheet FHWA-14-CAI-041
EDC-2: Accelerated Bridge Construction Fact Sheet
EDC-4: AID Demonstration Fact Sheet FHWA-16-CAI-022
EDC-2: Alternative Technical Concepts Fact Sheet
EDC-4: Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) FHWA-16-CAI-014
EDC-4: Collaborative Hydraulics: Advancing to the Next Generation of Engineering (CHANGE) FHWA-16-CAI-015
EDC-4: Community Connections FHWA-16-CAI-010
EDC-2: Construction Manager/General Contractor Fact Sheet
EDC-3: Data-Driven Safety Analysis Fact Sheet FHWA-14-CAI-039
EDC-4: Data-Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA) FHWA-16-CAI-013
EDC-2: Design-Build Fact Sheet  
EDC-3: e-Construction Fact Sheet  
EDC-4: e-Construction and Partnering: A Vision for the Future FHWA-16-CAI-016
EDC-2: Geospatial Data Collaboration Fact Sheet  
EDC-3: Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System Fact Sheet FHWA-14-CAI-040
EDC-2: High Friction Surface Treatments Fact Sheet  
EDC-2: Implementing Quality Environmental Documents Fact Sheet  
EDC-3: Improving Collaboration and Quality Environmental Documentation Fact Sheet FHWA-14-CAI-045
EDC-3: Improving DOT and Railroad Coordination (SHRP2 R16) Fact Sheet FHWA-14-CAI-048
EDC-4: Integrating NEPA and Permitting FHWA-16-CAI-017
EDC-2: Intelligent Compaction Fact Sheet  
EDC-2: Intersection and Interchange Geometrics Fact Sheet  
EDC-2: Locally Administered Federal-Aid Projects Fact Sheet  
EDC-3: Locally Administered Federal-Aid Projects: Stakeholder Partnering Fact Sheet FHWA-14-CAI-042
EDC-2: National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training (SHRP L12) Fact Sheet  
EDC-4: Pavement Preservation (When, Where, and How) FHWA-16-CAI-018
EDC-2: Programmatic Agreements Fact Sheet  
EDC-3: Regional Models of Cooperation Fact Sheet FHWA-14-CAI-046
EDC-3: Road Diets (Road Reconfiguration) Fact Sheet FHWA-14-CAI-038
EDC-4: Road Weather Management – Weather-Savvy Roads FHWA-16-CAI-019
EDC-4: Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP) FHWA-16-CAI-020
EDC-3: Smart Work Zones Fact Sheet FHWA-14-CAI-043
EDC-4: STIC Fact Sheet
EDC-3: Ultra-High Performance Concrete Connections for Prefabricated Bridge Elements Fact Sheet FHWA-14-CAI-044
EDC-4: Ultra-High Performance Concrete Connections for PBES FHWA-16-CAI-009
EDC-4: Using Data to Improve Traffic Incident Management FHWA-16-CAI-021

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