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Kansas Division

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Staff Directory

Kansas Division
Federal Highway Administration

6111 SW 29th Street, Suite 100
Topeka, KS 66614-4271
Phone: (785) 273-2600
Fax: (785) 273-2620

The office is open every Monday-Friday (excluding Federal holidays) from 7:30AM - 4:00 PM.

Organization Chart

Contact Name Title Email Phone
Office of the Division Administrator
Richard E. Backlund Division Administrator (DA) Richard.Backlund@dot.gov 785-273-2626
Norbert Muñoz Deputy Division Administrator (DDA) Norbert.Munoz@dot.gov 785-273-2627
Eric G. Deitcher Civil Rights/ROW Coordinator Eric.Deitcher@dot.gov 785-273-2644
David F. LaRoche Safety/ITS/Traffic Ops Engineer David.LaRoche@dot.gov 785-273-2647
Program Development Team
Matthew G. McDonald Transportation Finance Manager (Team Leader) Matthew.McDonald@dot.gov 785-273-2643
Syed Nizamuddin Transportation Finance Specialist Syed.Nizamuddin@dot.gov 785-273-2656
Javier A. Ahumada Environmental/Freight & Innovation Coordinator Javier.Ahumada@dot.gov 785-273-2649
Kathleen M. Reamer Program Coordinator Kathy.Reamer@dot.gov 785-273-2624
Cecelie R. Cochran Community Planner Cecelie.Cochran@dot.gov 785-273-2651
Vacant Student Aide   785-273-2623
Program Delivery Team
Richard Jurey Team Leader Richard.Jurey@dot.gov 785-273-2629
Steven E. Toillion Structural Engineer Steven.Toillion@dot.gov 785-273-2614
David Do Transportation Engineer David.Do@dot.gov 785-273-2648
Catherine M. Patrick Transportation Engineer Catherine.Patrick@dot.gov 785-273-2653
Edward N. Thornton, Jr. Program & Processes Coordinator Edward.Thornton@dot.gov 785-273-2646
Vacant Pavement & Materials Engineer    


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